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Quest for Succession - Advisor Practice Transitions

At Quest Agency, we are uniquely equipped to provide a smooth and seamless transition for your clients as you move to your next chapter. Having completed nearly a dozen transitions in the last 5 years, ranging from acquisitions, to mergers, to portions of a book, we have experience to guide you and your clients through the entire process. You have spent your career planning for the retirement of others, now is the time to plan for your own retirement. You want to make sure you have a partner that is experienced in transitioning the book of business and focused on the effect it has on your clients. Maintaining your client’s experience throughout the process is a fundamental point of any transition and where we start our conversation with a potential succession. Our job is not to come in and make changes, but rather, provide continuity to your clients so that they feel you have once again, made a smart financial planning decision for them.

Why Quest Agency?

Why Quest Agency?

With over 30 years of collective experience, 2 CFPs, and over a dozen partial or full transitions completed, Quest Agency is uniquely equipped to provide a smooth and seamless transition for you and your clients. We understand that every financial professional is in a different spot in their career currently and may need different options for transitioning out of the business. We have 4 main ways we work with advisors on their transition: Continuity Plan, Acquisition, Succession, and Merger. Each of these transitions provide a unique opportunity to work together for a smooth transition of your clients.

Types of Transitions